ELECTRIC FOREST HOOP TROUPE 2013 Submission Video!! Maria Jacob and Paiten Meador from Cincinnati, Flowhio.

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Teaching the kids I volunteer with presented a problem I never thought about before because I had only hooped with adults and briefly with children: they cry when they get discouraged. My mentality with hooping is that if I can’t get it I will try and try again then go back to it later if it still confuses me. When one of my students thought she “stunk at hula hooping” I felt really bad for putting her up to it. I hoped it was a really important life lesson for her that maybe she will realize when she finally does pick it back up and try again - and succeed..that life isn’t always going to be easy but you should just accept that and try your best. You make no progress when you sit and pout about all the things you believe that you can’t do. I comforted her and she actually did try again, I hope she doesn’t quit for life because she makes a self-fulfilling prophecy become her reality.

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